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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 23, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there could be three to six major hurricanes. with the devastation left behind by hurricane sandy pressure on the mind of folks up along the mid-atlantic and northeast seaboard, a national oceanic and atmospheric administration has a grim outlook for the expected 2013 atlantic hurricane season. >> the important thing for all of us is preparedness. >> officials are calling for an active or extremely active season, with a 70% chance of 13-20 new storms. 7-11 of those could become hurricanes when winds of 74 miles per hour or higher. out of those, three to six could be major hurricanes. the officials stressed the importance of having enough food, water, and shelter to last 72 hours, and have an evacuation plan in place.
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>> we have the ability to have another hurricane sandy in the same location a year later. youou are not prepared, are likely to be a statistic, one of the statistics we do not care to have. >> 3 climate factors are considered heavily. first a continuation of atmosphere pattern, next warmer than average water temperatures in the tropics, and finally, el develop.ot expected to >> when you look at combinations and different strengths of various factors that control the activity, some things don't lend themselves to a specific number but rather a likely range. >>s important to point out this is not a landfall forecast,
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desperately a prediction of the number of storms that could -- just strictly a prediction of the number of storms that could develop. if you like to take a closer look at the findings, blogger on to our web site, >> remember you can only state informed anytime severe weather is threatening to strike. just download our free smartphones app. it's all free and available for your iphone, ipad, an android devices. >> a tragic situation in oklahoma is constantly becoming even more difficult. jay gray is in moore with the latest. >> this is the kind of mess that so many are trying to work through right now as the difficult and painful recovery continues in moore today. practice time it was the driving
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rain that came across -- this time it was the driving rain. the god forhot to an area already staggered by the final uppercut delivered late monday. area.ther shot to the the cleanup and recovery continues here. >> a lot of people are still suffering and will continue to face lots of challenges moving forward. >> still, the city cannot help but look bk. these images are perhaps the best look at the sheer power of the ef-5 tornado. charles captured the intensity from the floor of his storm cellar. >> this whole monster comes sliding by. my jaw was just dropped. their pieces of houses lying
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about your eyes. it is indescribable. >> en shelters below the earth re being torn apart. cracks are rumbling in the ground turn your stomach. creek's the most sickening for fear -- feeling is for the loss. the first of 24 funerals today. a 9-0 was laid to rest. -- and 9-year-old was laid to rest. she was hugging her very best friend who will be laid to rest later this week. >> all of this is really nothing compared to what two dozen families lost here. more on how ton help the victims in oklahoma, plessey more photos and videos of the devastation left behind, all on our website. >> some late breaking news out ofoward county.
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the state's attorney's office confirmed the 14-year-old girl and her boyfriend have been indicted and charged as adults in the stabbing death of her father. morgan arnold is facing two counts of solicitation of murder. he was found stabbed to death earlier in his delicate city home are earlier this month. they had planned to run away to california after the murder predicts one person is dead and three injured after a violent evening in baltimore city. it all started just before 10:00 last night in east baltimore. a man was found clinging to live, he had been shot multiple times in his torso. the gunman remains at large. shooting in southwest baltimore happened about an hour later. investigators tell us free man writing for friend inside their vehicle when a man approached
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them and opened fire. it is still unclear why. those victims are expected to recover. >> after being from the rest -- after being rescued from a bathroom on tuesday afternoon, while battling the blaze fire crews found 52-year-old patricia hart on the second floor and pulled her out. she did not rvive. an investigation is under way as to what caused the flames. damages estimated at $50,000. a science fair project gone are rhineland's 3 in the hospital. happen around -- gone are dry lands 3 in the hospital. said there were some sort of accident and the children in hailed fumes from an experiment. there is no word on what kind of experiment caused the problem. >> the baltimore city school system is in hot water with the fed's tonight. at issue is how they spend
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federal stimulus money. david collins has a copy of that report and joins us live with more on that report. >> this scathing audit drew no comment from state education official one city delegate about to hold those who made the spending decisions the council for their actions. aroundner cruises baltimore's inner harbor caught the attention of the education inspector general. reportedly they improperly used $350,000 of stimulus money to entertain parents of school personnel on two separate cruises. are jurors found inappropriate spending in the prince george's county system as well -- auditors found inappropriate spending. that may have to pay back $540,000 to the federal government. hook for then the
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seventh $5,000 in repayment. >> it is very sturbing. the people who made the decisions need to be held accountable. we will be looking for that. >> mary washington is a member of the appropriations committee. she is calling on the joint legislative audit review committee to scrutinize the findgs. make sure the response is satisfactory. xm of the federal stimulus money was supposed to be spent on schools with the poorest population. auditors noted unreasonable spinning regarding 54 and -- ,400 spent on a middle school fare for face painting. justified inals saying that the money was used for supplies and motivational activity. $2,400 was spent on food for pta meeting, or fried chicken, potato salad, biscuits, cookies, and soda were served.
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$1,300 to people to a downtown theater for apparent appreciation night. $10 -- $1,400o were spent on an unspecified school activity. documentation did not show what the activity was or support the people who showed up. $500 was spent on a mother- daughter makeover died. auditors said it does not meet the requirements. -- makeover day. >> live, decisive action. this is not something that needs to linger on any longer prepared state education officials declined to comme on the findings and challenged the findings and will comment after they are resolved. >> they may not be worth a record jackpot, but to power all
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tickets sold in maryland are worth $1 million each. >> so far, no one has come forward. >> medical experts are calling for a boost in physical education, and not just longer gym classes. how they are hoping teachers will work in a workout throughoutlasses throughout the day. >> tre is an increased risk of bladder cancer over 21 parts per billion. >> we will tell you what that means for baltimore's water
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>> that winning powerball jackpot ticket may not have been sold in maryland, but there are two big winners in the state. is worth ase tickets cool $1 million. one was sold at the royal former store in arbutus and the other on solomons island road south in prince frederick. 7 and the powerball #26. you might want to check the tickets again.
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>> a new report by the cdc shows a big drop in teenage pregnancies. almost every state in the country saw significant decne in rates in teen birth of a that last five years except for west virginia and north dakota. maryland saw 25% decline in just the past two years. believe the explanation is a complicated combination of factors that vari from state to state. insomniacs could soon have up medical option to turn to. a drug is found safe and effective at lower doses. developers say it lks -- it works differently than other in somehe of medications by blocking chemicals in the brain that keep people away. the fda is expected to make a decision later this summer. educators should be focused on exercise as much as reading, writing, and arithmetic.
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that is the finding of a report of the institute of medicine, recommending that schools provide students with an hour of exercise a day, also for the sake of their grades. experts call for a whole school approach to get kids moving. that includes teaching teachers how to incorporate physical activity into math, science, and english. biking,ng, skateboarding to and from school. an after-school activities, sports. >> on thursday, several members of congress introduced legislation that would amend the no child left behind act to include more physical activity. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> whave been watching the system track across the country all week and it is still producing some strong to severe thunderstorms.
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we are in that area identified as the risk area, flight risk of severe storms. there have been some warnings issued. you notice that little red area there in rthern virginia. it -- there is a tornado warning down their coming out of the city of winchester. the radar is indicating possible strong rotation with a severe thunderstorm in frederick and moving into clark county down in northern virginia. we will keep a close eye on that as it makes its way up. this is the storm that is possibly producing a tornados out of winchester, moving off to the northeast. there are some strong individual aegeanown here in north northern virginia. tornado warning in effect until 5:30 this evening down in northern virginia in frederick
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and clark counties. is capable of producing some large hail. that is the track expected over the next 45 minutes or so. now are around baltimore, some hit and miss showers but added at activity down in virginia that is generally tracking in our direction and has to be watched for the next few hours. moving into that warm air. off to the north and west, the temperatures drop dramatically. from a year to just 51 in cleveland, 47 right now up in detroit. that strong cold front comes in and lists the warm air and gets the thunderstorms going. a possible strong or severe thunderstorm, then turning cloudy and cooler overnight. late tonight the winds shift to the northwest and behind that is all that cool air over the great lakes ready to come in for their
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memorial day weekend. then we are into a very cool weather pattern for the next couple of days. the future cash shows the cloudy skies overnight, a few scattered, hit and miss shower tomorrow the clouds are moving toward the coast. snowg to produce some wet in higher amounts of west virginia. we could still have a lingering shower tomorrow but the showers move off the coast saturday and sunday. monday should be partly cloudy and slightly milder but the weekend will get off to a chilly start. possibility of a shower. a small craft advisory for the strong winds on the bay. heading up intohe mounds, you better take your winter coat. the high 49 tomorrow and only 55
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on saturday. maybe some frostburg early saturday and sunday morning in the mountains. we will open the summer season at ocean city with chilly temperatures and maybe a few widely scattered showers friday and saturday. around here, tomorrow and drops about 20 degrees. sunny and 71 sunday. on memorial day, 75 and partly cloudy. >> still ahead, maryland resides and tourists have spent months waiting for the grand reopening of the ocean city pier. >> it was wiped out by hurricane sandy. it has a whole new look now. more about the ceremony that will mark its reopening. >> of baltimore landmark on the auction block. what happened today in what it means for that strawberry pie we know. theom is a veteran of korean war. something he did 47 years ago will have all of us
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>> it was the place where anybody is welcome if you didn't mind standing in line sometimes. that landmark restaurant was up for auction today. kate amara is live in the newsroom with more. i have many fond memories there. >> we were just talking about it. today, the bids were to start at $250,000, and buyers did turn up at the side of the former restaurant, but then things did not go as expected. >> f more than 70 years it was a baltimore landmark. from its famous strawberry pie to the millions of dollars of art work that covered its walls. it was a place to go. >> i love it here.
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>> we ha always come again -- enjod coming in and watching the pictures. >> we loved every moment of it. >> arif crtion of the restaurant was even featured on m."period dramam "mad 12:00, people gathered outside for an option, the possibility of a new era for this icon. >> these properties have been sitting stagnant for quite some time. a really great opportunity to bring in some new business and new development. we look forward to seeing what happens today. >> this area is prime for food and restaurant and it is a great location, near the park. houses are selling around here. is great.
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what's different groups of registered bidders toward the side this morning, but noon came and went, and inhe in, the auction was canceled. baltimore will have to wait a little bit longer to learn the future of this place with such a legendary past. >> back in its heyday, it was a very popular restaurant. i remember coming he at least half a dozen times with my family. we really enjoyed it. >> the auctioneer said it was canceled for today. that decline to give details on who the prospective buyer might be and what their development plans are. >> we will have to wait and see. what did these three all have in common? they are all graduates of
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woodlawn high school. >> it will soon be common knowledge for students at one baltimore county school. they are helping create a hall of fame at woodlawn, meant to motivate students to succeed. great idea. ahead, bold statements from predent obama on the state of national security. >> the president says america is at a crossroads when it comes to theight against terror. >> i have been drinking sea water all my life. just a little bit north. so far, so good. >> many believe that, but if your water as clean as you think?
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>> live, local, latebreaking. wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> these days is not only more earth friendly to drink from the tap, it is better for your wallet. but is it better for your health? have you ever wondered what is
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in the water you drink, maybe something you cannot see our taste? >> there may be reason to worry, no matter how good it tastes. >> do you filter your water? people we talked to had a variety of reasons why they did or did not. some say it is all about the taste. >> it takes out the chlorine taste of the baltimore water. >> experts say there is no need to filter the water. >> i have been drinking this water all my life. so far, so good. bestmore has some of the water in the united states, if not the best water in the united states. >> but there may be something in the water we know nothing about. one of those things you cannot is a byproduct of
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the process utilities used to purify the water we drink. almost all water utilities have a problem with the water disinfection chemicals. >> they are adding disinfection to the water, which isn't great public health bill that has been achieved, but those disinfectants can react with pollution and create these toxic byproducts. it is an unintended consequence. >> it is a group of four chemicals form when chlorine comes into contact with organic matter in water. it has been linked to cancer, birth defects, and miscarriages. but there is an increased risk of bladder cancer over 21 parts per billion. but the legal limit is 80 parts per million.
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these of utilities findings. >> we saw a range from 0.8, which is very low, to more than 90, which is over the legal limit. we found that in davenport, iowa. >> baltimore is on the higher end, not anywhere near davenport, iowa, but no where near 0.8, the lowest we saw in fresno, california. the environmental protection -- we think the government really needs to implement programs to protect the water. >> protecting a source waters like rivers, streams, reservoirs', from agricultural contaminants. we asked the epa for an interview. they turned us down and sent a statement that reads in part, "
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in 1974, congress passed the safe drinking water act. no adverse health effects are likely to occur. wesked baltimore's bureau of water for an interview. they also declined request and issued a statement. we meet or exceed all the guidelines and standards set by the environmental protection agency and we proactively monitor our water distribution system to ensure public safety. >> the working group thinks that is not good enough. >> really think about the public health interests and come up with a legal limit that is more specific. >> they suggest people invest in building systems, even if it is just a simple kind that fits in the fridge.
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have links to the environmental working group report and its filter buying guide, which is very interesting. >> onto some other top stories at this hour, we are still monitoring the potential for some severe weather. tom tasselmyer is tracking the latest developments in the weather center. >> with scenes of the orms developing in northern virginia tracking east-a northeast up toward montgomery county. virginia, some tornado warnings haven't issued for the city of winchester and look like the storms down here in northern virginia are the strongest in our area right now. over the last hour or so that have been pushing to the east- northeast and that will take them up towards other frederick r. webster montgomery county in the next hour or so.
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major cold front sweeps in from the west and drops lower temperature dramatically for the memorial day weekend. war on the storms and the upcoming forecast in just a few minutes. fromsurgical team baltimore's shock trauma has been called to a deadly parking garage collapsed in bethesda. it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon. e garage was under construction and we are told a second worker is trapped inside and his injuries are potentially life-threatening. rescue crews have been on the scene for more than three hours. we will continue to monitor the story for any new developments. >> we have learned the identity of a british soldier berlin murdered in a horrifying killing in london yesterday. suspects connections to terrorism, when we cover the world. cruise passenger bill of rights.
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anticipatedighly speech by president obama centered on the commander-in- chief terror policies. he directed many of his marks -- remarks that however drone strikes are highly effective beckham limiting civilian attacks while this mailing extremist. >> highly skilled al qaeda commanders, trainers and operatives have been taken off the battleground. plots have been disrupted that would have targeted international aviation, u.s. transit systems, european cities, and our troops in afghanistan. the strikes have saved lives, simply put. iraq's the president was interrupted several times by heckler while promising to renew efforts to close guantanamo bay detention center. >> covering the world tonight, to more people have been arrested in connection with the
5:39 pm
brutal hacking death of a british soldier. the murder is being called a terror attack. scotland yard said a 29-year-old man and woman are now in poce custody and added that both were known to british security officers. suspects shot yesterday are both in stable condition tonight. the man seen waiting a bloody t.ife is a muslim convers government officials have not released his name yet. of aictim was the father 2-year-old boy. >> as we approach the memorial day weekend, there are certain things those who fly never expect from an airline. >> we rank the nation's airlines on customer satisfaction and the one on top this year may surprise you. >> back in business, the latest
5:40 pm
on theecovery efforts after it superstorm sandy. >> severe thunderstorms down in northe
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>> coming up at 6:00, rocky weather is moving into maryland. what is in store for the holiday weekend? millions in federal aid for baltimore schools. an audit revealed misuse. these stories and much more
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>> memorial day weekend officially kicks off tomorrow. lee is in. pleasant beach with the changes seven months in the making after hurricane sandy. >> into our communities refusing to be beaten by disaster. many businesses are back open, eagerly awaiting the crowd starting right now for a holiday weekend. thousands of vacationers are returning to the coast wh memories of the devastation from superstorm sandy still fresh. boardwalks inonic places like. pleasant.- point completely rebuilt her restaurant and is now hundreds of thousands of llars in debt.
5:44 pm
>> we are not trying to build a mansion here in retire. upgradedthe amusements, refurbish vacation mes, said reminders of the heartache. some have not received permits to start over. the tourists will not notice any change. forhe homeowners, it is very different. the boardwalk is back in business, but other memories are gone, like the iconic rollercoaster. tourists, the sandy beaches, smooth water, and family time is something no storm can take away. , and that isdown something that businesses are feverishly trying to change.
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for the city is ready summer visitors, too. just in time for memorial day weekend, is a much different side than what sandy left behind. this is what the historic landmark looked like back in october, battered, collapsed into the ocean. tomorrow as promised, that will celebrate the official reopening with the ceremonial first cast by the mayor. >> i am anxious to see what it will look like. >> good news for fishermen. we are watching some strong storms down in virginia, moving our way. the atmosphere is trying to --
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for the storms to roll on in. ofevel above the normal high 76. we did pick up low rain in the area, just over a 10th of an inch at the airport. we are still running a deficit for the year of more than 3 inches below normal total precipitation. we have a severe thunderstorm warning now for the western part of washington county west of -- west of hagerstown. this is tracking north. at one time there was a tornado warning down here in frederick and clark counties in virginia. it is still a healthy thunderstorm and a lot of rain down here but not the strong rotation that was indicated just 35 minutes ago. these are tracking in tamerlan now, heavy showers in montgomery aunty, getting into far --
5:47 pm
strong sell begin to move up from the south. the storms will be coming out of virginia, across the potomac and into maryland. the rotation mets some of cells out there in northern virginia. all of this developing as a strong cold front comes in. 79 at the airport, 70 in oakland, 51 in cleveland, 46 in detroit. that cold air will come rushing in here late tonight and tomorrow morning. shares in storms at least until midnight oso. -- showers and storms. clouds extend all the way back into the great lakes. tomorrow might turn out to be a cloudy, windy, cool day with may be left over shower. the storms are on the warmer side of that front and that will be offshore by tomorrow. a few sprinkles linger into midday tomorrow, then the skies clear tomorrow night. sunny skies anticipated for
5:48 pm
saturday through monday. even with the sunshine, temperatures will be running significantly below normal. and northwest wind gusting to 35 miles an hour. a small craft advisory on the day, ways to 3 feet. the mountains will get quite cold. 30' lows in the eastern shore locations, a leftover george amar, 68 in sunny saturday. but for temperatures to run well below normal at the beach. 62 for by tomorrow, 68 on saturday, 71 on suay. memorial day monday is decent, partly cloudy and 75. >> more than 7 million college students and/or their parents, could be facing a significant increase in their federal loan
5:49 pm
rate. on july 1, interest rates on new stafford loans are set to double. using projections from the congressional budget office, the calls for fire% interest rate on all loans next later.t it would rise president obama has already threatened to veto the legislation. recent consumer reports survey rates virgin airlines as the top for customer satisfaction. the airline debuted in 2007 and got high marks in all areas ready, especially baggage handling. the leather seat cushions in economy class. southwest and jetblue airlines for rated highly for check-in ease and cabin crew service.
5:50 pm
spirit airlines received one of the lowest overall scores, even though it has some of the lowest fares. passengers complained about tight seating. the passengers stuck at c four days on that carnival triumph did not suffer in vain. a passenger bill of rights has just been passed. an emergencyclude power source in case of the main generator failure. that was the major issue with the triumph. the policy also requires crewmembers to be properly trained in emergency procedures. >> a host of controversial issues about national security. what president obama said in defense of his counter-terrorism policy. vast expectations 47 years ago change the way we remember
5:51 pm
veterans on memorial day. we will bring you that story straight ahead.
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wexner lee five decades ago, a father disappointed by the lack of turnout at a memorial day ceremony wrote a letter to his five sons and a letter was published. now he's hoping a new generation will take time to remember. here is jennifer franciotti.
5:54 pm
>> tom has been to every memorial day service for the past 53 years. x yes, i have. >> a korean war veteran, he knows more than most the sacrifices made every day by men and women in service and the losses fell by families of the fallen. he and his wife got their five sons up early to get a good seat at the memorial day ceremony to pay tribute, but it turns out there was no need. >> the ceremony was a brief little thing. a band played the national anthem, and it was over. i was really furious. because i thought to myself, this is korea all over again. >> he wrote a letter to the local paper, an open letter with
5:55 pm
a message to his five sons that would later become a message for countless others. a community out of of over 15,000 american citizens. , they have forgotten -- we have forgotten the things that make america great, the things that are the heart and soul of true america. they forgot that brave men and women forgot that men had died for them so they could enjoy this beautiful land on memorial day. >> it was picked up by newspapers all over the northeast. it would earn him a special metal from the freedom foundation. at the nextter, memorial day service, his expectations were exceeded. , thathad over 500 people a band and the honor guard and the military and it was
5:56 pm
beautiful. >> perhaps most dear to sheehan , the letters from vietnam soldiers who read his words and echoed his feengs. a humble man, he plans to come here to dulaney valley memorial gardens on monday to pay tribute, just like she always does. he is hoping others will take time out of their day to honor our nation's heroes. >> we have to remember that sacrifice, the pain, the devotion to duty they have given to our nation. weekend yourial day can see that legacy a world war .i veteran uncovered that is all for us at 5:00. here's a look at what is coming
5:57 pm
at new at 6:00. execute severe thunderstorms approaching maland from the southwest. president obama talked terror and national security. why some are protesting, next. >> a federal audit questioned schoolpending for dinner cruises and catered pta meetings. details knew it 6:00. >> live, local, latebreaking. is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. breaking newsth out of bethesd a man is dead and another critical condition after a parking garage partially collapsed outside the macy's store at montgomery mall. happened just before 2:00 this ternoon. authorities say a surgical team from shock trauma has been flown in to help rescue the other man, who is still trapped. the parking deck was under construction at the time and was
5:58 pm
not open to the public. to get a weather update, we are working for the possibility of some severe storms tonight. >> dark clouds and rain up and down the east coast. let's check in with tom tasselmyer. he joins us live from the weather center. >> lightning strikes showed the developing storms coming up out of virginia into central and western maryland. the storms have been producing some heavy downpours and gusty winds. sometimes they have shown some rotation, especially down in northern virginia. this one in frederick county shows some rotationmoving northeast at 21. something to watch, for sure. the storms are moving from southwest to northeast.
5:59 pm
a strong cold front will dramatically change our temperatures beginning late tonight in taking us into a chilly memorial day weekend. war on the severe storms coming up in a few minutes. >> you can stay ahead of the storms anywhere at any time with our smartphone app. always, online at >> a band of thunderstorms slow cleanup operations in oklahoma today, where the first funeral was held for one of the tornado victims. of 10year-old was one children killed in a powerful tornado when it devastated the oklahoma city suburb of moore. she and her best friend or two of seven children who died at plaza towers elementary. >> a lot of people are still suffering


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